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George & Paul

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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2011|11:21 pm]
George & Paul


Welcome to The Beatles News, a community to discuss the Beatles in general, and more precisely recent news about them!

A safe place for all Beatles fans, from casual to hysterics.

Be the first to know about brand-new Beatles news and read our f-only scans of Beatles-related articles.
Share pictures, videos, songs and useful links.
Recommend the best fanfiction of website you've found.
Discuss to your heart's content, ask for help and precisions on everything you'd always hoped to know better!

Hope to see you around :)
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A Bit Sweet [Aug. 7th, 2011|05:35 pm]
George & Paul
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

Hey guys! I've posted here before, but ended up deleting it due to a bout of stirr-craziness. Hopefully I can stick it out this time and contribute some more stuff in the future.

Rating: PG
Warnings: stomach churning saccharinity
Disclaimer: The Beatles ain't mine!
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Hey, I'm new here? Fic included! :D [Feb. 5th, 2011|02:10 pm]
George & Paul
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[Current Music |Long, Long, Long - The Beatles]

Hello! I'm actually new to LiveJournal in general, but I've been sort of watching (creeping) it for a while (mainly all the Beatles slash) and now I have a story I wrote. :D I was going to post it on beatlesslash but they wouldn't let me join. -cries- So I'll post it here! But by the looks of it... nobody's been here for quite some time... But I'll just leave it here and hope some form of human life sees it.

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Paul and George - Brothers [Nov. 5th, 2009|05:54 pm]
George & Paul

[Current Music |Baby Your a Rich Man]

Set between 1964 and 1966. Paul and George weren't ever just best friends.. they were brothers.

By the time Paul had heaved him to the bedroom they all shared, George was practically passed out on his shoulder. It was too hard to get George into his own bed on the top bunk, so he dropped the young guitarist onto his at the bottom and had done with it. But as he went to leave, he felt George’s arms tighten around his neck, pulling him back again.


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Am I Good Enough For Your Love? [Jul. 18th, 2009|12:07 am]
George & Paul

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Title: Am I Good Enough For Your Love?
Author(s): Georgeiscoolike
Pairing: George/Paul
Rating: PG (For language)
Warnings: This fic is sort of depressing. haha, but nothing to hard to handle ;]
Also, this fic is written in second person. "You", meaning George.
Summary: George has deep interest in Paul, but finds it very hard to express.

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Hello there! [Jul. 6th, 2009|10:13 pm]
George & Paul


Hi everyone!

I noticed there wasn't any community for helping us all to find a beta reader for Beatles-related stories, so I created one ^^ It's called
Beatlesbeta, and it's for all LJ users who write about the Beatles (fanfiction or essays), and would like to find a beta reader, or offer their services as one. Don't be shy, you can join just to watch it, or post a form requesting/offering to beta read!

I hope you'll find all the help you may need there and enjoy your writting or editing :)

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New RP comm. [Mar. 23rd, 2009|11:44 pm]
George & Paul


I hope this is all right. I've started a new rp comm. The Beatles will be involved to a point but the rp is actually one about their kids. It starts in 2001 and I'm currently looking for someone to be Julian Lennon. Right now that's the only spot open, but more may come up. Crossposted. You can email me at Paul_macca@live.com to apply. Please send a writing sample.

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