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Day Trippers [Mar. 20th, 2008|04:21 pm]
George & Paul
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I'm re-posting this by request of revolution789, because the lj-cut mystifies her (as it does to many people). She once again thanks alicia_h for the help with finishing the story.

Title: Day Trippers
Pairing: P/G
Rating: PG-13
Author: revolution789

I wished I could be driving. I imagined the fun I'd have racing down
this long and twisty country road. Paul was a good driver but he was
just a little bit too careful, if you know what I mean. I could get an
engine roaring like a tiger in no time. Paul could just about tame any
raging bull of a car into something as energetic as a dozing cow.

"Paul where are we going?" I asked for what had been at least the 20
millionth time.

"I'll tell ya when we get there." He replied sounding slightly annoyed.

Then again, it probably was a good thing I wasn't driving as I really
had no idea where we were headed and wouldn't have been able to hear
Paul's direction over the roaring of the engine. Besides, he'd
navigated for me before and we usually ended up infuriating each
other. Feeling more than a little bored, I gazed out of the car window
at the cows in the field. Most of them were lying down. I couldn't
remember if that was supposed to mean it was going to rain or be sunny
or if it was just something they did when they were tired. I yawned.
We'd been driving for almost 3 hours. I knew we were going somewhere
for a surprise as it would be my birthday that weekend.

We turned right down a long lane. Paul pulled the car to a halt by a
gate at the side of the road. He turned towards me with a big smile.
Then he climbed back in the car and we drove down a wide dirt track,
going towards a farmhouse. We stopped again in front of the porch. It
seemed we'd reached our destination.

"We're here, Geo." Paul said.

Um, okay. Did he buy me a house? I thought nervously. It was odd he
should bring me here. If he'd wanted to spend a weekend alone in a
farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, couldn't he have taken me to his
place up in Scotland?

Paul got out and walked around to open the door for me.

Right, this is very weird, I thought. Paul has never held a door open
for me in his life.

"Come on Geo I want to show you the house."

"Very nice place," I said, glancing around curiously as I followed
Paul indoors.

"That's not all I want to show you, he said.

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, knowing what he was on about but deciding to play
along if he decided to make a game of showing me around.

Paul did indeed take me on the grand tour of the place. I was
surprised at how many rooms there seemed to be and at just how long
the place was. Downstairs there were at least two rooms on either side
of the main living room, which had a large window to show off the
stunning view.

There was still something bothering me and as we went back to the
kitchen for a cuppa I asked, "Paul? I thought you had a farm up in
Scotland. Why do you need another one here?"

"Because I take her up to there sometimes."

Ah, that would explain it. "But we're the only people who know about
this place?"

Paul nodded. I could see his thinking. Since I'd been married it had
been less easy for us to spend an entire uninterrupted weekend at my
home. When Paul had lived with Jane Asher it had been impossible
because her family was always around. It wasn't much better now he had
his own place near the studio because the gate birds were always
hanging round and could probably see everything that went on inside.

Once we'd finished our tea, Paul said there was one more thing he had
to take me round. By this time, Paul had shown me every room except
one. He grabbed the doorknob. "Geo there's one last room I want you to

I wondered what on earth was so special about this last room. Then it
dawned on me.

The only room left is the master bedroom, I thought. I guess Paul's
been saving the best till last.

Paul pulled me into the bedroom and I caught glimpse of Red satin
sheets on the bed before we began kissing passionately. I felt my
knees hit the mattress as I fell back onto the bed. My breath caught
in my throat as Paul gazed down at me with a lustful look in his eyes.
He climbed onto the bed with me and carried on the kiss. He left a
trail of kisses down my body, starting from my face, down my neck,
across my chest and stomach. Then he looked up at me and smiled

"You ready Geo?"

I nodded. "Always. Who's going on top?"

Paul smiled again, gently brushing my lips with his thumb. "Your
birthday, your choice."

"You really are spoiling me," I laughed. "First a holiday, then a
house, then..."

"You're worth it all and much more." Paul whispered, pressing a soft
kiss on my cheek.

I smiled, remembering that was the line he used on me our first time.
I started to unbutton Paul's shirt, running my hands across his chest
and placing a few tender kisses here and there on his body.

I brought my lips up to his ear and whispered, "To the toppermost of
the poppermost paulie"

Paul chuckled as he resumed his kissing. I finished removing his
shirt. Then we got rid of our trousers and pants. Paul took hold of me
and my body responded instantly. Our bodies came together like they
had many times before but never often enough. I'd always wanted him,
even when I'd known I couldn't have him but this time he was mine and
I was his.

A long time after we'd finished making love, Paul and I lay together
sleepily. I shifted closer to Paul, resting my heavy head next to his
and winding my arms around him.

"Happy birthday, George," Paul whispered to me as we drifted off to sleep."